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What do you call "pot holders"??

I'm an Aussie and we call the metal grippers you take a pot/billy off heat with "Paddy's Fingers."
I had always thought this was a tongue-in-cheek dig at the Irish as only an Irishman/woman would be silly enough to pick the pot straight up off the fire (apologies to my Irish friends!), but my mother recently told me it was in reference to a local gear maker Paddy Pallin. Are they called this outside SE Australia?
What do YOU call them and where did you learn it?!?

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... Ummm... People who don't inhale?

"the little thingee to get the pot off the stove?"

You're dangerous.
I was under the impression that the "tripping" we are talking about around here involves physical activity...? 😉


It is semantics, but not pot "holders," pot "grippers."

aka "Boonerelli"