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What are your favorite knots?

I would like to ask what are your favorite knots to use out in the wild? I have 3 that are my all around go to knots and they are

1) Bowline Knot - they are on the end of each and every length of cordage I carry.

2) Truckers Knot - Great to tighten those ridge lines or even your tent pole Guy lines.

3) Clove Hitch - it's fast, easy to tie and holds excellent! And not just for boaters either!

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I'm betting those would be just KILLER if you made them in a Dutch oven! BTW - guess what's going with tonight's dinner HA 

You're (K)NOT kidding! I may ... Tie one on this evening myself. 


I'll let myself out.


Ok…. I had to look up your “Dutch” reference, and it is very apparent brilliant minds wake up early in the morning….”Knot”?


Preferably a cast iron Dutch oven Mr Marc! LOL And as for brilliant minds waking early, Knot really just sometimes dumb luck trumps brilliance  🙂



Garlic Knots in a Dutch Oven is my new cast-iron quest.