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What are your favorite knots?

I would like to ask what are your favorite knots to use out in the wild? I have 3 that are my all around go to knots and they are

1) Bowline Knot - they are on the end of each and every length of cordage I carry.

2) Truckers Knot - Great to tighten those ridge lines or even your tent pole Guy lines.

3) Clove Hitch - it's fast, easy to tie and holds excellent! And not just for boaters either!

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Double Bowline Knot






All typically used in Mountain Rescue.

Thanks for posting this fun question.

Huge my bad! I can't believe that I left the Prusik Knot off my list

the ones that hold? lol

variations on the slip knot while in backpacking camp, making a clothesline or securing my gravity filter

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Phil Reed has the most essential characteristic of any knot.

My preferences:

Figure 8, either looped or rethreaded; actually more secure than the traditional bowline, which is still used occasionally

Bowline on a bight:  very useful in elaborate rigging situations.

Prusik, although I would usually rather have an ascender 

Double/triple reef knot:  Good for joining two ropes

I tie my shoes with a double knotted bow - most frequently used knot...




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The Truckers Hitch is a variation on the Slip knot 👍

Awesome topic and kindof cool to hear that we seem to have a lot in common.

- Bowline.  Also on the end of just about everything I have.

- Truckers hitch.  I use this for my tarp ridgeline.  Bowline on the other end 🙂

- Prusik.  I use this for connecting my tarp to my ridgeline.

- Clove Hitch.  I use this to connect guy lines to stakes and to bind up my cordage when rolled up.


Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

My favorites too nathanu!


For general diy/camping/boating/light cargo etc.  I don't climb so I'm not generally tying knot which my life depends on although some of these will work in that context.

Bowline and varieties...(of course) for a secure removable loop at the end

Alpine butterfly... for a secure removable loop in the middle

Clove hitch for quickly attaching a rope to a branch or end of a pole.

Trucker's hitch in some variety for cinching.

Larkshead/prusik...used everywhere to attach a loop to something

Double Fisherman's bend...with various wrap increments for making prusik loops etc.  Generally more permanent knots.

Figure 8 stop knot or some variant for quick use since it is easy to remember. 

Ashely stopper for a more permanent stop knot. eg. on fixed guy "adjusters" but I usually have to look it up.

Half hitches( overhand) , square(reef) knots and square knots , bows and half bows. (also of course)

An adjuster using a Bowline variant,  an "Ashely" stopper and a larkshead/prusik to attach the linloc.  The stake loop uses a half hitch/overhand knot.  The loop on the tent is tied with a "single" wrap double Fishermen's bends.  The zipper loop is attached with a larkshead. I did not tie the latter three knots.

I have also used a trucker hitch to make "adjusters" in the field and for cinching extra guylines.

Adjuster for a fixed guyAdjuster for a fixed guy

I was with you until you mentioned  the  "Ashley  Stopper" But you really lost me with that "Zipper loop", is that the one used to replace a lost Zipper tongue?