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What are your 2021 backpacking plans?

So far:  1. April, Adventure Hiking Trail, southern Indiana  2. July, Pictured Rocks Nat'l Lakeshore.  3. ?  - I'm sure we'll do a few local overnight/week end trips.  Would love to go to Black Hills. 2021?  Maybe.

My wife & I age is upper 60's, looking forward to '21 adventures!  What about you?

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I'm just up the road in Toano. Which trails do you use locally?



 went sobo for a couple of days to check put new gear. Took my time, finally came out at Humpback Gap. Stayed a night on the trail, stayed a night at Stanimals 328 in Waynesboro. Have you visited the Blue Ridge Mountain tunnel?  Crosses under the AT at Rockfish Gap.20210429_092231.jpg



Taking the family hut-to-hut in the White Mountains, NH in June.


We just finished an overnight training trip on Mount San Jacinto, CA. Prepping for a week long trip to the Miter Basin (Sequoia Nat'l Park) next month. Looking forward to some wild Trout after a few days of travel food!

I plan to stop dreaming about backpacking and do it.  I’m going to pick a section of the AT in MA and do an overnighter or two to shake the nerves off.  

@Sunset - This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Seeing it definitely put a smile on my face.

You have found yourself in a great place to ask all of your questions leading up to your first trip. From gear to nerves and everything in between, the backpacking board is a great place to learn from so many others experiences (and then come back after your trip and share your own stories)!

We're excited to have you here in the community. Thanks for joining!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

My plans?  I live close enough to Yosemite that I can drive up there easy.  I try todo one 3 to 6 day packback trip every month but it ends up stretching to every 5 or 6 weeks.   I've found I can ALWAYS get wilderness permit on short notice.  Looks to get up there in the next few weeks before the end of May.   I'd expect snow in the higher elevation.

Also some trips to the Southern Sierra which are a shorter drive making even an "overnight" reasonable.

I never plan more then a few days ahead.   



End of the month hitting Lost coast trail in CA. Local mountains, Angeles forest, over the summer. Visiting relatives in VA in sept., will get on a section of the AT for the first time. Prefer hammocks, but will do tents or bivy if ness. Still waiting to see if a friend gets a permit for Grand canyon r2r.

Good hiking out there, be safe and have fun.


Planning a thru hike of the Ozark Trail this fall. 230 miles, 16 days. Still looking if someone wants to join me.

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