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VA Triple Crown backpacking trip done. Where to next?

I just came back from backpacking the triple crown which was AMAZING, highly recommended, great views, great trail amazing sunsets overall a solid 9/10

question is, where to now? Any suggestions?? 

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Hi @Andresr5 - Congrats on finishing the hike! It's always fun to see something get a solid 9/10 rating. Were there any specific highlights that made it so wonderful?

To confirm, are you talking about the Triple Crown of Dragon's Tooth, McAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs in Virginia? If so, are you looking for backpacking routes of similar difficulty also in the east or are you open to anything and everything? I'm hopeful there are other backpackers here in the community who will have lots of suggestions for you!

It's exciting to see this update. Thanks for sharing it with us!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Yes, drove from Orlando fl to Virginia, camped at Andrew Jackson state park, next morning drove to the mcafee knob parking lot, had to wait about 40 min for a parking spot (hahaha) headed my way up to mcafee which was great views, then continued to tinker cliffs which we got there around 5-6pm set up at a campsite right by the cliff and enjoyed the most amazing sunset of all times by far (got a rei chair right before this trip for a change from the previous one and it was the perfect decision) next day hiked to the boyscout campground on the dragon tooth trail spent the night next morning hiked to dragon tooth which was magical to say the least! Hiked back and drove straight to Orlando as soon as we finished!



  now I don’t care where, I’m just loving this so much! This was pretty easy to be honest, more after my hike from springer many Ga, to Hiawassee GA, so I think I’m ready for my next one