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Upcoming SHT section hike - Kestrel 48 big enough for six days?

I am doing about 100 miles of the SHT this Fall and looking at Osprey Kestrel 48 and the Flash 55.

I am used to 1-2 nighters with an old Jansport 40L internal frame pack.  I got fitted for both.  Flash fit well, but seems "fragile" compared to Kestrel.

Is the Kestrel 48 big enough for 6 days?



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I don't think so. I use a 57L and take very few luxury items. I think sticking with the 55 is a much better idea or I fear you'll skimp too much on gear or food. 


My favorite is on sale now, I've used this for up to 10 day trips with no problems. It's kinda basic, but works for me. Very comfortable. I'm even thinking about buying a new one since they're on sale, even though mine isn't worn out yet.

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@SILHiker @Bradyparr - I went with Osprey Kestrel 58 - I liked the structure of the pack better as my gear is lightweight but a bit heavier - my big 3 are at 12 pounds and a base weight of 19-20 - so with 6 day of food and water - I wanted more structure.

Thanks for advice