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Just another quick post on a sleeping bag's warmth rating.

I've just returned from a 2 nighter on the AT up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA.

The night time temps weren't too bad, 19F the first night, 21F the second, at about 3500'.  Strong winds around 20mph, with gusts up to 30.

Hiking the first time with a gentleman in our group who had just bought a new bag at the Richmond REI.

I asked him the first morning how he slept, how was the bag...and he said he was 'ok', that his bag was rated at 15F, because the bag had '15' in the name.

Anyway, I have him my opinion(of course) on bag ratings, explaining the trap of not examining the 'comfort' rating vs the 'limit' rating vs the 'extreme' rating you will find sometimes on the inside of the bag.

My advice is to add 10-20 degrees to the 'comfort' rating, to get a real 'comfort' rating.

Anyway, he approached me the second morning and told me he examined his bags labels and lo and behold the 'comfort level' was 28F not 15F as he had assumed.  Man was he p***ed!

So I expect his bag would be good for, eh, probably....40-45F night time low, definitely not 19 with wind chill.

lesson learned.

also, my bladder with 3liters of filtered water fell over and all the water leaked out (operator error I guess I didn't have the lid on tight), just as the sun was setting and the wind chill was freezing everything. I had 1 liter left in my dirty water bag and unbelievably it still filtered (using a sawyer mini filter on the in-line hose of a platypus dirty bag straight into my bladder).

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