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Trail Names - Arbitrary or an Art Form

One of things we like to do on multi-day trips is to 'award' trail names to those who don't have one.

I believe it's something that requires a wee bit of thought.

I want the person to be proud of the TN, not disgusted, lol!

Many time, we'll create a little ceremony, around dinner time to 'award' the name, along with a little 'token' to remember the trip by.

I thought it was a bit of joke really, until one lady put it on her license plate! OMG, that's when the impact became real!

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@Philreedshikes - c’mon... you drop a post like this without revealing your TN? 


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first it was 'chupa' as in chupa-cabra, (no idea where that came from for a TN) that mythical Mexican creature.

then I was awarded 'dragon' as in drag'in, because I'm slow

currently, forced upon me against my will, 'chief'


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If I haven't done a designated Long Trail am I allowed a trail name? I have been out for 22 days in a row. Does that count?

Regardless, years ago my partner decided that if I were to have a Trail Name, it would have to be "Ridgewalker" . Too many adventures together revealed my nature to her, and I accepted by naming her "Rosie" as she loves the High and Wild timberline lakes and our companions there, the Rosie finches.

I have re-Trail named myself:

Mountain Tortoise, "cross between a Mountain Goat and a Tortoise".