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Trail Games

So for longer backpacking trips where you know you are going to have a lot of down time with friends, do does anyone bring any games/cards with them. Is there something better than a deck of cards or a mini chess set?

"Because it's there." - George Mallory
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@TheOutdoorEthos I love to bring games on backpacking trips! I always have UNO and regular playing cards. I also purchased a fun Appalachian Trail game that has trivia like questions about trail ediquitte, animal/plant identification, and regional history.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

On a bike trip around Michigan, a guy gave us a set of dice for a game called Cosmic Wimpout. We tried it a few times, but either the directions are misleading or we were playing it all wrong (or both?).

As confusing as it was, it takes very little room in the pack.

Anyone else hear of this game?

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I actually love bringing along an electronic version of 20 Questions. Super portable, can be incredibly fun trying to stump with a group or solo!


Farkle! All you need are six dice, but the rules on a slip of paper, a few post-its for score keeping and a golf pencil to keep score will round out the kit. A clean plate or up-side-down frisbee makes rolling dice on any terrain great. This is one of our mainstays for time around the campfire.