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Trail Fairies - do you believe?

On recent trip on Timberline Trail (Mt Hood), I broke a trekking pole on morning of day 2 of 5 days.  I tried to fix with materials in hand, but no go.  Later, I encountered a party and we traded stories ... mine the broken pole.  One guy found a pole on the trail and gives to me thinking a fully functional pole.  

Alas ... it was broken.  Yet, I took parts from it (and the previous owner had left a huge usable wade of duct tape on the pole) fixed the pole to ~75% functionality - as long as I did not strain lateral pressure, the insert (broken part) kept my broken fiber pole strong, and the duct tape kept it together for the remaining 60 miles.

How would expect to be a) gifted a pole, b) the pole broken but usable to fix mine and c) a big wade of duct tape ... even greater, it all worked for 60 miles.

Trail will take care of you if you take care of it ... trail fairies, I believe!

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A branch of the trail angel family I would think!

REI Member Since 1979

As the saying goes, "the trail provides." It sure does in the most strangest of ways sometimes.