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Thru-hiker trekking pole advice

I am curious on what thru-hikers have used for trek-poles. I use a Mid-X trek pole tent and have been using some cheap Amazon trek poles for it. So far they are holding the tent up with no problems for the couple times that I’ve used them, but I’m curious on what more experienced hikers have found for poles out there. I’d like to use them more for what they are meant for at some point when i get more into serious hiking with ultra-light gear. Thanks!

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See most common and highest rated gear in these surveys... 2020 was a odd year but there are years past and I think a 5 year round up somewhere in there.  There are also surveys for the CDT.

Mostly Black Diamond.

Personally for general backpacking I prefer aluminum poles over carbon fiber because they bend rather than shatter.  Foam or cork are more comfortable.  I wear sun gloves but most of my backpacking has been in the Sierra.  I like Black Diamond with the metal clips but the BD handles are a bit on the thinner side.


Ran into a hiker this past weekend who had some seriously distressed carbon poles. I asked him about it and he noted that he had cached them before a summit attempt since he didn't need poles on that particular hike and when he came back to retrieve them they were covered with tons of marmot teeth marks. He was still using them and I have the same ones and love them. I doubt marmots would have the same appetite for aluminum poles - have you ever accidentally chewed on aluminum foil?


I prefer Black Diamond. I had a pair for over 6 years still going strong. I only replaced them because the foam on the handle was wearing off. You'll see mainly Black Diamond and Leki poles, but honestly, any poles will do. Even Walmart ones get the job done.


I use these:

They are carbon and very light and not as expensive as other comparable poles. I have hundreds of miles on them and use them with my BA Scout tent nightly. They look pretty rough these days, but they are still functionally perfect.