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Thru Hike Suggestions?

I'm looking over thru hikes out of the US.  I guess I'm trying to be optimistic and want to be prepared to jump into the wild as soon as it is possible - in another part of the world.


Have you done any long hikes that you would recommend?  

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Hi @everydaycraig - Welcome to the community!

You are in a wonderful spot to connect with others who have done thru-hikes. We are hopeful some folks will comment here and share their suggestions with you.

Optimism is a fun thing to have throughout the planning process, especially if you are putting in the time with your research and preparation to make for a successful venture. If you have any questions about gear, tips, or just info from others' past experiences, posting on the backpacking board or the AT Hikers or PCT Hikers groups would be a great start!

@jimbagsh@ECrosby@jorgevalencia@Philreedshikes@Leslie@Gary2, @Former community member, @tflaris - Do y'all have any incredible thru-hikes or other long hikes to suggest? or tips for someone looking to get started?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.



Try the 5 islands north of Netherlands. No CARS! Only bikers and hikers. There are dedicated bike, walk, tram, train, car and bus paths all over Netherlands. These are small distances and you can rent a Dutch bike there. (Dutch bikes are bigger, heavier and harder than American bikes). Texel (the X's are always pronounced with an "s") has what you seek. You can fly into Texel and rock. Few tourists. The other islands north of continental Netherlands (holland) are remote but not so you feel overwhelmed. fix and food joints are everywhere. One of the Islands has it's own language and is a kingdom. Everyone speaks English. It's a good vacation. Honest!


In Europe there are literally dozens of Camino de Santiago (St James Pilgrimage). Although quite different than the AT, it still has a similar vibe with those who hike it. The most common route takes about 30-35 days across Spain. But if you want something longer, you can find all sorts of routes from pretty much anywhere in Europe. PS. It is a more historical hike than a religious one so don’t let that put you off. I’ve walked it twice, both in the spring and fall (summer is more crowded and really hot).

Another similar hike is the Via Francigena which starts in Canterbury (England) and finishes in Rome (Italy) which a friend of mine hiked. Or there is the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. And last, the Te Araroa Trail across the length of New Zealand which is a lot like the CDT.

Have fun researching.

Jim ‘DB’ AT’98

Thanks for your suggestions.  I currently have a short list that includes GR20 in Corsica, Alta Via 1 or 2 in Italy, Slovenia Mountain Trail, and a few others....Klungsleden in Sweden, Tour Du Mont Blanc also.... so many places, so little time


You know, there are some awesome hikes in continental US- The airlines and countries are huffy about disease--things can change quickly and you can get stuck or sick...both gruesome and pricey. 

Have you been on the PCT or CT? How about the AT? Arizona Trail, Lonestar, Big bend...I could go on and on.