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Thoughts on first aid product for outdoor wound closure?

Hi all! I came across this wound/skin closure product that’s supposed to be good for small cuts or lacerations. Essentially, as long as it’s not a tissue depth wound, just something through the upper dermis, and you’re able to properly clean it, this microMend device can apparently close it up without a problem. Looks pretty easy to use, but I’m trying to consider the situations in which I’d actually have use for it. I was wondering what you all thought about the merits of packing something like this in a first aid kit for shorter day or camping trips vs. longer expeditions. Regardless, seemed harmless to sign up since I'm curious to see what they'll do with their product in the future. 

Here's the URL

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Probably unnecessary.  In first aid, your objective is to stop the bleeding.  

For this, you will use a pressure dressing, or (rarely) a tourniquet.  Leave final assessment , debridement, and cleaning to the ER.

For significnt bleeding, a 3"elastic wrap works quite well and has many other first aid applications, although a trifle bulky.

I don't see what this dressing will do that a typical band aid won't accomplish....

I kind of agree with @hikermor , I couldn't tell from the website what they're for.  If it's something that could be used on the trail where you might need stitches, then I might throw a couple in my first aid kit, otherwise, stop the bleeding, protect the wound, treat for shock, clear the air passages (do this first)

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Looks like a fancy butterfly bandage.  Good for closing wounds, I'd guess, but probably more expensive and no more effective than a regular butterfly. 

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I am leery of folks attempting to close wounds on their own...wounds that probably need stitches. How do you really know you've cleaned it properly? I know some folks who are more than ready to dump some superglue on any large cut...and such practices may do more harm than good.

First aid/first responder training is always a good idea for those of us who spend time in the backcountry. Without basic training, we run the risk of making a bad situation worse...infections and the like. 

I agree with folks taking a basic first aid/responder course.  In my never-to-be humble opinion, everyone (not just backcountry adventurers, but yes, especially us) should know what to do in an emergency.  You really never know when you might be faced with a situation where you are the only one who knows what to do!  I'm fond of the Red Cross courses.  Every couple of years I recertify in first aid and CPR.

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@Hikes_in_Rain, yes indeed! and adding if I may, IMO, each person needs to carry their own first aid kit (what that entails is probably a great topic!), reason being, If I used my first aid stuff on you - then it's not available for me, even if it's only a handful of bandaids and some tape thrown into a pack for blisters, on a short day hike.

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