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The REI Virtual Reality Wilderness Experience.


If you could design the software for The REI Virtual Reality Wilderness Experience, what features would you include?

4 Replies

Ok….I’ll start:

All senses experience.

A younger version of myself, I would see of my reflection in a pool of water or by a lake. 

Create an AI “Camping Buddy”, if I wanted some company during an outdoor adventure. 

Wild animal encounters. 


And another….

Enable people with mobility disabilities to experience “Trail, Camping and Wildlife Adventures”.


And another for “City Dwellers”:

Bluetooth link to NordicTrack Treadmills with incline/decline capabilities.

Bluetooth link to Stair Steppers.

Various levels of difficulty programs to choose from. 


I would say virtual campfire gathering, but leave out all the virtual mosquitos.  This could be the sign-on area before you choose your activity, just socialize till you decide what to do.  Could we add some hardware?  Looks like that helmet could support two beers and a straw.

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