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tent tab color coding

On older REI Half Dome 2 tents, where you have black and orange coded tabs for the poles, which color is for the head end of the tent and which is for the foot?  Older tents have asymmetrical doors so it makes a difference.

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would it be possible to set it up one way and then reverse it if everything didn't line up?

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@johndsc1 Thanks for reaching out!

If we're remembering the version of the REI Half Dome 2+ tent correctly, the poles should have a color on the end that corresponds with the correct tab on the tent. One section end of the pole set should be black and one end should be orange. On the tent, the set of tabs that the poles fit in should be corresponding colors (black and orange). 

If your tent is different, please let us know and we'll dig some more to see what we can find out.

@Philreedshikes with this particular tent the set up is almost symmetrical, and if you pitch it 'backwards' the only way you'll really notice would be how the zipper on the tent works. It's designed to be able to easily open with one hand and if you reverse the poles it would be a little bit more challenging with the fabric folding in places instead of being tensioned. A potentially small detail until you need to make a late night bathroom trip and you're fumbling for zipper pulls.

Hopefully this helps!

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