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Tahoe Rim Trail resupply points?

I will be hiking the TRT later this summer. I will begin in the Lakes Region and go counter clockwise. I will start with 5 days of food, but am looking at where to resupply. I would like to just resupply once if possible. I am looking for suggestions or do I need to rethink my direction or strategy?

Randall Grant
2 Replies

Hi @misawashogun - Thanks for reaching out! 

It's great to hear you are planning a thru hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail. It's such an incredible area. If you are keen to share how it goes once you have done the hike, I know there would be some excited community members to hear updates — myself included! 

While I don't have any personal experience to share, I did find this Re-Supply Information page on the Tahoe Rim Trail website that might have the information you are looking for. Hopefully some other community members will weigh in with their suggestions as well. 

Good luck on your hike!

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Thank you so much CarterC for information. I have looked at that page, but maybe I'm over thinking it a bit. I guess I'm just nervous about this first hike. I may vlog the hike, but I am not sure at this time. I will upload pictures to my freetirement facebook page and also share my experience on this site. 

Thank you again for the suggestion. Talk to you later. 

Randall Grant