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Sweating in a down sleeping bag?

First off, sorry for the TMI. 😬
I often sweat a fair bit while sleeping, even when not too warm. Sometimes not too much, but sometimes enough that sheets are wet enough to get a few drops out if I wring them.

My old synthetic bag has seen better days and I'm planning to replace it this year and was considering spending the extra for down after seeing the weight and size difference.

My questions is, if I go with down and sweat in the bag, is that moisture going to kill the loft and render the bag worthless for the night?

Thinking I might need to stay with synthetic but I'm hopeful for down and figured I'd ask.


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Thanks fo all the suggestions.

I think I'll probably stay synthetic for now and add a down bag later when I can afford a second and then have options. It's no fun having to try and pull off a one size fits all item, is it?

I think liners, as suggested by a few of you, will help both make a single bag work in a wider range and help address the moisture in the bag, so thanks!

@aarond wrote:

I think liners...

IOW think layers 😉


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