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Suggestions for finding fuel for my backpacking stove



I just bought a JetBoil backpacking stove and I believe it uses IsoPro fuel. The problem is that I cannot seem to find IsoPro fuel canisters anywhere in Colorado Springs, CO. Please help!


Thank you!

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@AD we're so sorry that we are out of fuel options in our Colorado Springs store for your Jetboil stove. Backpacking fuel is one of the items that has been hard to keep in stock during the pandemic and although our buyers are working really hard to bring in more inventory, we continue to sell through this inventory as soon as it's received. With that said, we do have additional inventory expected over the upcoming weeks and anticipate stores will be in stock, noting that customer demand may mean we sell through the fuel we receive in each location quickly.

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Hi Jen,

I wonder what REI might think of taking pre-orders?

i appreciate your responding to my question. Have a great day!


Hello @AD just to clarify, and I also use a jetboil, they take any brand of the canister type fuels, when I’m on the road, I can usually get mine at Walmart or basspro, also any climbing shop, fishing shop, also amazon.

good luck!

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Thank you for the suggestions! Much appreciated. 


@Philreedshikes Hi, Phil,

I checked REI (again), Basspro, **bleep**'s, and Walmart (all online), and the only place who had the fuel was Amazon. I bought 6 cannisters. lol Thanks again for your assistance!




In addition to the large department stores (Walmart, Costco), check the sporting goods stores (Big Five, **bleep** Sporting Goods... STILL an unfortunate name), and even hardware stores. If all else fails, there's the Internet. Or, just keep swinging by your local REI, of course.

Your humorous response is much appreciated. Thank you!


Consider stocking up a modest supply beyond your immediate needs.  Store the canisters with appropriate care (sty away from excessive heat, etc).  Camping and backpacking gear is useful for emergencies of various kinds when normality is disrupted.  In southern California, th primary concern is earthquakes and wild fires

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