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Suggestions for best backpacking meals

am wanting to do a backpack trip. 1 day in,camp and one day out. am looking for cooking suggestions. easy veggies,meat,fruit,etc... I guess what is the best food to pack for hiking 10-20 for a 1-2 day hike. packaged veggies,packaged meat,etc...? just looking to try and get the best energy while hiking, for an overnite  tent trip. INCLUDED COFFEE in the morning.LOL!

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@bryndsharp that is a great point!

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@Snoborder73 Great topic, thanks for starting it!

While not exactly the most nutritionally balanced meal, for shorter one-to-two night trips I really like to take stove top stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, a gravy sauce packet, and a packet of chicken. It's a bit heavy with the chicken, but its super fun (and delicious) to make up Thanksgiving dinner on the trail! 

I'll also take mini donuts for breakfast on the first morning. They take zero prep, taste good even if they're smashed, and go really well with Starbucks Via instant coffee. For me, particularly on hikes, bikepacking trips, or climbs that are particularly strenuous or at altitude (both of which mess with my desire to eat, even if I'm starving) I find that carrying a little extra weight is worth it if it delicious enough for me to eat it even under the toughest circumstances.


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Oh man! @REI-JohnJ  Gonna steal those ideas!

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