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Suggestions for a 3 Person Tent for Tall person (longer then 90 inches)

Anyone have recommendations for tents for tall people. Just tried out the Copper Spur HV UL3 and without a sleeping bag, my head and feet touch the walls of the tent. My understanding is you should have space between your head/feet and the walls of the tent. 

Any suggestions?

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@Vaughan3d thanks for reaching out! This is a bit tricky because most tents max between 86'-90" long; that said, we've got a few suggestions to offer:

We hope this helps get you started, and anticipate you may get other suggestions from the community!

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@REI-JenK Thanks for the quick reply. I checked out all of the links... one thing about all of them is they are quite heavy. I should have mentioned I'm looking for a Backpacking tent. Trying to gear up for a Thru hike of the AT.

Trying to keep my base weight no more then 20lbs. Originally was aiming for 15 but have already caved as my size is quickly adding weight per item I plan on packing.  I've quickly discovered what Im sure most tall guys have experienced... not alot of options for tall people in the backpacking world. 




@Vaughan3d My husband is 6'6". I purchased the Marmot Tungsten 3 person tent. This works great. Room for him, me, and our packs inside. The weight is still very light for a 3 person tent that is priced in a mid-range. 


@lamick  Thanks for the suggestion. Looking at the dimensions, it appears to be the same as the Big Agnes. Does he sleep Diagonal in the tent?


My hubs is 6'2", and we have the REI half dome 3 person tent, which is 92 inches in one direction.  It's also nice because he can sit up in the tent and not hit his head. It's a bit lighter than the 4 person half dome - you save about a pound, I believe. He doesn't have to sleep diagonally.


Spouse is 6'9" and I love to backpack so trust me when I say this has been a mission for us. The best we have found so far that balances weight/ length is the sea to summit telos TR3. Its not cheap which is why we haven't pulled the trigger but we have set it up in store and he has laid it in in a sleeping bag (REI is the best for letting us do this) and we are confident he would fit. 

@Vaughan3d - Check out the tent offerings from LightHeart Gear.  I'm a tall guy and I backpack with their "Duo" trekking-pole tent.  I understand it's not a "3-P" tent, but it is 100" long and 55" wide, which is not too shabby at all.  I've been real happy with it.