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Stove recommendations for first backpacking trip? Vegetarian meal suggestions?


We are planning our first backpacking trip ever. I have a pretty good list going, but I'm stuck at meals and a backpacking stove. We are vegetarian. Do you have any tips or favorite brands or best stoves? Thank you for your help!

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@dizzy36melody REI actually has a great video blogger (Miranda) that has episodes about comparing different backpacking stove types:

She also has a great episode about dehydrating meals at home that you may want to check out. 




I've always been partial to the ease and simplicity of an IsoPro stove, so I thought it would only be fair to test out the first most common types of backpac...

North Bay Trading Co for almost all of my bulk vegetables and fruit. They have a variety of dried greens.

I bring a stove appropriate for long cooking and I bring a variety of types of grain with me. Dried coconut milk is a very good thickener. I'm not vegan so I also like dried buttermilk. Lentils cook at about the same rate as grain. Mix them together. Multiple colors to carry along with you.

Bring a variety of types of oil. This is the most dense type of calories you can carry in the wilderness. I usually have four different types of oil with me and clarified butter.

There are long distance PCT hikers who sprout grain and don't cook any food for their entire journey. You have a lot of options, explore them.


If you are looking for prepared vegetarian meals, my kids are both vegetarians (not vegan) and their top  picks are:

Backpackers Pantry Pad Thai
Backpackers Pantry Three Sisters Stew
AlpineAire Cheese Enchilada Ranchero

They also like Tasty Bites Indian food pouches together with a packet of white or brown rice.  It's a little bit heavier to carry, but not that much heavier. 

While backpacking, they are also especially fond of  Justin's peanut butter & honey packets and Trader Joes soft and juicy mangoes.  For the last trip I bought the wrong kind of TJ dried mangoes and never heard the end of it.