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sisterhood of the traveling jacket

my friend and i have the running joke of sending a picture of us in a new place in a specific jacket. i have the wonderful opportunity of going backpacking next september-november in new zealand and australia with a group for 70 days (with stops of course!). it’s pretty lightweight, but with one problem: it’s a ripped jean jacket. is it even practical to bring the jacket with me, or will i regret wearing it and then it end up taking up room in my pack? i’m a 16 year old (going to be 17 before the trip) teen gal, any other tips would also be appreciated!

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100% yes!  You'll have plenty of photo ops and will probably be leaving a bag/suitcase somewhere while on the trail.  Have fun!

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@Kmoultrie14 What an awesome idea!

I also 100% support taking the jacket! You are correct that it will be a bit bulky and perhaps cumbersome at times, but what an enduring memory you will have! In my experience those are the moments that turn an amazing trip into a lifetime adventure. I hope you have an awesome time!

I'd also like to call out our Women in the Outdoors board. There are a lot of cool conversations happening over there that you might find useful as your adventure approaches. 



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