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Short 2 Day Backpacking Trip, VA Blue Ridge, Post East Coast Snowstorm

Not much of a snow storm, probably no more than 1" of snow, but I did need snow chains to reach the trailhead.

I thought the 'dusting' of snow against the blue sky was really nice, for a change.

My 3l nalgene bladder leaked, and I needed to carry the water to the 'secret oak tree meadow', so I carried it upside down after filtering water, and used the 'pro tip' of pouring the water into my pot, it froze, but it was easy to heat up and melt for breakfast.

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A blizzard went up the east coast on 17 Dec 20, it wasn't as bad as the forecast (8" of snow forecast). There was, at the most, 1' of the white stuff.We ha...
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this was last week, 17-18 Dec 20

ps - there is an 'REI "easter-egg" at the very end...

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Your hikes and videos are an inspiration! You should invite Katrina aka 'Vision Quest' to join the community, she seems super cool. I can see what you mean when you reference 'tree tunnels' on the AT. I suppose that is one advantage to hiking in the winter when the leaves have all fallen.

I have never received a shout out from a famous YouTuber before, so now I can check that off my bucket list!

Also, tell me more about that bandana! I'm assuming that's from 1988?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Very nice @Philreedshikes .  Where I live, north of Baltimore, not far from you, we did have the 8+ inches of snow, which then changed to rain, compacting the snow and refreezing, then snowed again on top, making for very slippery conditions.  

Here's a pic of the short day hike I took to a local waterfall, Kilgore Falls.  Tree tunnels ain't so bad.  😁Kilgore Falls resized.jpg

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@Rob6WOW! very nice!

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@Philreedshikes - This is such a great video! Now I see why you posted your question about filtering water in below zero temps. Loved y'all's decision to head to the secret oak tree meadow to camp. Shelters are great, but most times when something is a secret gem, that's the way to go.

Your shout out made my day! The Blue Ridge Mountains are such an incredible place. I used to live in Alexandria and really adored my time wandering around there. Seeing videos like this makes me happy to know how appreciated the area is!

Thanks for posting. I'm already looking forward to the next photos/videos you share with us!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.