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Seeking Advice - Finally need to upgrade my Tent from the original Quarter Dome

Hi all-

I'm in the depths of my research for a new ultralight (or close to) backpacking tent.  I've been using the Quarter Dome since 2012 and it's at end of life.  I should note that most of my activities revolve around kayak camping (with some backpacking), so weight isn't as much of an issue as durability and weather toughness.  I'm looking for a mid-range to high end 2P tent.  I'm searching in the $400-$550 range, so I've narrowed my search to these products 

-MSR Hubba Hubba

-Nemo Dagger (was the front contender but I can't find an available footprint)

-Big Agnes Copper Spur

-Sea to Summit Telos (which is currently leading the pack, but I'll have to wait until release in May with a looming trip in mid-June)


Any advice on any of these or others would be hugely appreciated.  Thank you all

Keep Calm and Paddle On
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I don't own those tents...I had a BA CS UL2 gen 1 and now use a BA TW UL2..primarily backpacking both of which I thought were excellent for their purpose.

However in my opinion...

Of the 4,  I would say the MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 is the most durable and also probably best in weather.  It has a reputation as a solid tent.   It uses the heaviest weight fabrics (30 denier floor) If you don't care about weight then probably the one I would choose for your stated purpose.  (not fond of the color personally).  The fabrics used on the other tents are all very thin.

For features I think the Gen3 Copper Spur UL2 is the best.  I particularly like the "awning" feature in the fly.  The CS is also available in a bike packing package that has shorter poles for a shorter packed length...might be of interest if that can be an issue in a kayak...

The Telos is new so unproven.  Seems Backpacker likes it.  A quick peruse doesn't show any particular advantage over the CS.  I notice it is PU coated not SilNylon like the CS.  SilNylon is better at resisting mildew which might be an advantage for a tent primarily used when kayaking but I really have no idea.  The Telos does have an interesting stuff sack arrangement.

I note the S2S Telos has  "Hangout mode" which is similar the Copper Spur's "Fast Fly" feature.  This allows the fly and footprint to be used as a quick light shelter ...nice if there are no bugs but it is not a good option if it is windy since you lose some structure. I'm unclear if the Telos requires the footprint to do this. With both tents this allows you to set up and take down the body inside the fly when it is raining...a bit of  a faff but it can avoid getting the body soaked. 

MSR has/had a similar feature but you had to use a special floor providing a bit more structure but I don't think you could assemble the body inside.  Not sure if that is still available.  I don't think the Dagger has this feature.


Correction...the MSR HH NX2 can be set up fly first AND without a footprint

Very helpful!  Thank you!

Keep Calm and Paddle On