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REI Half dome 2+ Window in fly deteriorates and leaks

The window in the fly of my half dome 2+ had deteriorated and leaks.  

Is there a repair kit or repair procedure you recommend?

If not can a replacement fly be purchased separately? ( preferably without a window).

Other than the window the rest of the tent is still in great condition.  This has been a problem with several of my friends who also use a half dome 2+.








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Hey Don, thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry you're having this issue with your tent. While we don't have replacement rainflys for sale, we do have a couple of options that may be able to keep your tent in service. Depending on the damage to your window (i.e. is it leaking only at the seams? does it have a hole in it? is it cracked?) the steps you will want to take will differ. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Additionally, we encourage you to check out this other thread, Replacement Rainfly: Half Dome 2 Plus, which has one users step by step instructions for how they applied new seam sealant and waterproof treatment to their rainfly and brought their tent back to life. Lastly, there is more really useful information in these two Expert Advice articles, Tent Care Basics and How to Repair a Tent

Hopefully this helps get your tent back into service, thanks!


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