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Re: Question - Snow Peak Titanium Coffee Press

I admit to being a Snow Peak fanboy, what’s with all the substandard love for its French press? Are people boiling the water in the unit forcing the grinds past the filter?

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Hi @BlacqueJacque - Thanks for reaching out! I don't have any Snow Peak Titanium Coffee Press wisdom myself, but wanted to tag someone that I believe has a Snow Peak coffee setup. @PeperePaulie, do you have any wisdom to share regarding this question?

There are definitely a large number of backpacking/camping coffee enthusiasts here in the community, as the What's Your Go-To Camping Coffee/Caffeine System thread has 37 responses on it! Hopefully some others will weigh in with their experience.

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Hey All,

I have used the Snow Peak in the past as I generally am disgusted by instant coffee. It's serviceable as long as you don't press too fast or hard on the plunger. Hard not to do on a cold winter morning but trust me...I've made coffee in -17F weather. The problem I always had was the extra weight of everything else (coffee, powdered creamer, packets of sweetner) on a 2-week trip which I do yearly, and then burying or carrying the grounds out after I'm done, an extra step in my morning routine and/or weight. Weekend stuff, no problem, it's small and light and worth good coffee.

After a bunch of recommendations (some in this thread) in different instants for longer trips a friend of mine hooked me up with a Korean brand called Rosebud. It's instant, but actually tastes pretty good. I use a packet and half for a cup for my 2-cup mornings, and I could probably carry a month's worth and not notice the weight. It comes packaged with sweetner and creamer. I actually use it for my afternoon cup at home. Unfortunately not sold by REI (should be!). It's been weaning me off the french press coffee.

@BlacqueJacque  - You're probably right about using excessive force and pushing grinds through the mesh sieve. And/or using too find of a grind.

FWIW, I am an avowed coffee-holic and decided to not use any French press on trail for a few reasons;

  • I already carry a pot and mug so adding an additional pot to my pack didn't make a lot of sense. Sure, I could use the pot that comes with the press for regular cooking but I already own a cooking pot so it seemed excessive.
  • In my home kitchen, I switched to the Aeropress from a regular French press several years ago and have never looked back. All the happiness of a French press cup of coffee but absolutely no worries about the size of the grind or the grinds getting through the mesh. Because the Snow Peaks press and the Aeropress are so close in size and weight (SP is 6.3 oz and Aero is 8 oz) I just bring my Aeropress.
  • For day-hiking when I just want to relax at the end with a cup of joe and a snack before heading home, I have the GSI Ultralight Java Drip and will do a pour over.
  • Granted, I've never used a French press on trail but, at home, I find them to be a total PITA to clean. I have to imagine that being on trail makes cleanup even more so.

It's not that I dislike the Snow Peak press (I've never used it and can't say anything positive or negative about it), it's just that I personally can't justify its purchase based on what I already have and enjoy.



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