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Question about pack size for REI Presidential Traverse and PCT trips

Hi there! I am a newbie to backpacking and training for my first trip in July (Presidential Traverse). I was going to buy a 60l for the trip, but also wanted a pack that would work for REIs Womens PCT trip and some of the other 3 to 4 day trips. The gear list for those trips says extended trip pack of 70 to 80l. Should I size up or can I swing a 60l? I really don't want to buy another pack after this one trip in July



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@Smiles - You might think of it like a purse. If your purse is big you will bring too much stuff. Bring a clutch instead.

Did you consider bringing your gear to the store and see if you can make it all fit in the smaller pack? Have you considered renting your pack from REI and trying to see if you can get all your gear in it?

One more point: if you're trying to get all your gear inside the pack you have gotten too big of a pack. You should be able to tie stuff on the outside of your pack so it stays secure. At the start of your trip you will have things on the outside of your pack. At

t the end of your long trip you will be cinching your pack down so it stays tight to your body.

Good luck. You got this.


Thank you for your reply. It sounds like I can make the 60l work for an extended trip. That is what I have read too.

I am trying out a 60l mainly because it was recommended to try for comfort compared to other packs i tired on hikes. (Gregory deva). 


Thanks for your help!


Don't do +60L if you can avoid it. I have a 57L that I've used on week long trips. Statistics show that most people with +60L packs don't finish the PCT. It just allows you to bring more gear than you need. Every time I hike, I find things that I thought were necessary that I didn't use. With good packing, you should be able to stay below 30# for a multi-day. Ultralight gear can be expensive, but every pound hurts a little more after 10+ miles or multi-day hikes. 

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