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Question about Osprey Backpack Specs and the Anti-Gravity technology

I have a question about Osprey backpack specs. Is there a significant difference in a pack labeled with Anti-Gravity technology and one not if they are both close in capacity (liter) size? I look forward to your reply.

2 Replies

@msbhaven thanks for reaching out about Osprey packs, specifically the Anti-Gravity technology. The quick answer is that there will be a pretty noticeable difference in the back panel of a pack with or without the AG technology, which does affect how the pack fits and how the weight of your load is distributed while carrying the pack. If possible, we highly recommend either visiting your closest REI store to try both styles on, or setting up a virtual outfitting appointment to discuss the packs you're considering and how/where you plan to use them!

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Dear @msbhaven,

 Let me reinforce what the helpful folks at REI have said. I own an Osprey AG pack, the Atmos 65,  and I can tell you from experience the back suspension is like nothing I have worn in any of my other packs. The mesh acts like the webbing on a large suspension bridge, channeling the load down to the hip belt and on to your pelvis. In addition to that, the extensive webbing provides great ventilation between the pack and your back, keeping things cool even when you've tightened the shoulder straps and pulled the pack close to you. I know that packs and pack fits are largely a matter of body type and personal taste, but in my experience, I have found nothing that rivals the suspension system of the Osprey AG design. Hope that helps, and see you down the trail!