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Question about compressing sleeping bag

Hey everyone. I’m wondering if the sleeping bag I have (Trailbreak 20 Blue Nights) is compressible? It’s a tad too large as it is to go backpacking with. 


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@holajuancho According to the REi catalog entry for the Trailbreak 20, it comes with a stuff sack.  It is polyester fill, so it won't compress as much as would down, but it will compress.  When you start stuffing , you would swear that it won't fit, but it will.

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@holajuancho if it is the same as this one

it says it is slightly compressible from 20L down to 19L.   Also fairly heavy at around 5lb.  So if you have a large capacity backpack you could take it backpacking but it is clearly not ideal for that purpose.    More typically 20 degree synthetic backpacking sleeping bags weigh in the 3 to 4 lb range and compress to around 10L.