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Purchasing a backpacking tent and stove

I am seeking help purchasing a backpacking tent.  The Passage 2 tent with footprint looks like a very good tent.  I will be backpacking solo and sometimes with my son. I will be going on brief two-three day hikes with camping.  Would you recommend any other two-person tents?  Or is this the one to get?

Also, can you recommend a lightweight camp stove.  I looked at the Primus Eta and say very positive reviews.  Are there some others that you would recommend that are a good price?

Thank you.

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@Keebie Best deal on backpacking stoves sold by REI currently is the Soto Amicus cookset combo.

It is an excellent stove and the cookset while not the lightest is essentially free and quite nice

The Passage 2 is fine but a bit heavy for solo carry.  You might want to consider the QD SL2 if that will be your primary use.

This is a semi freestanding tent so does require a bit more skill to pitch.  You have to guy out the foot end.  I don't own one but it is similar to the Big Agnes Tiger Wall that I also recommend but is not currently on sale and probably more than you want to spend.


@Keebie The MSR Pocket Rocket strove and its variants has been around a long time and is quite dependable.  I have been using one for the last twenty years.  I would not recommend the Deluxe model which features integral piezo lighting.  As far as I am concerned, "piezo" is Italian for "unreliable."

On sale right now, but hurry!!


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@hikermor    Have to disagree with you on that.  Having an integral piezo increases your system reliability for almost no weight and generally very little cost.  Piezos do wear out and stop working but you can still light the stove with a match, sparker or lighter if that happens.  In the mean time you have a more convenient stove which will likely work if you forget the lighter.   Forgetting the lighter is probably one of the most common equipment "failures".  Of course you should always bring a spare lighter in any case but... 

MSR package a number of additional features in the deluxe in addition to the piezo that make it expensive which is why the Soto Amicus with piezo is a better value for most, particularly if you like the cookset that currently essentially comes for free. 


@Keebie Welcome to the community!

There are a lot of great two person backpacking tents out there! The Passage 2 is a solid tent and a good option for backpacking. Did you know that it also comes in a package deal as the REI Co-op Backpacking Bundle? We don't know if you need a sleeping bag and pad, but it is a great way to get all three at a really good price!

The minimum trail weight of the Passage 2 (tent body, fly, and stakes) is 4 lbs 2 oz, which is pretty good for a two person tent (generally the 5 pound mark is the standard for a two person, three season backpacking tent). Some ultralight options can get down under two pounds! All in all it comes down to how much weight you want to carry and how much you want to work to get it pitched.

In terms of the Primus Eta Lite Stove System, it is a solid system that can boil water quickly and pack down small (the 110g fuel canisters fit nicely inside). I have never used the Primus Eta, but I have used the MSR Windburner extensively and it is really hard to be the speed and efficiency of a stove system. That being said, the stove @OldGuyot recommended will give you a little bit more versatility (you can use whatever pot/pan you would like with that stove as it does not attach directly to the stove). You can also look at the MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit as another option. 

Hopefully this helps, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

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