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Played hooky from work and grabbed some miles

Played hooky from work today and snuck off to the mountains to get some miles. It was a little chilly and wet but definitely did not disappoint. You'd be hard pressed to convince me that there's any better way to clear your head.

I was walking along and it hit me that it was quiet. Not regular quiet but *really* quiet. I'm convinced that that trail is magic.



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I am really enjoying your trail reports and appreciation for getting outside. You are an inspiration!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Great photos. We love hiking when it is cold. We always say better to hike in the cold, as you can put more clothes on to stay warm.


This turned out to be an amazing little day trip.  I met a thru hiker who had just started his journey and spent about 30 minutes at the summit just chatting with him.  The picture of the clouds ended up being the jewel of the day though.  There was fog / low cloud up to about 2,000ft and then an opening between that and about 3,000ft.  The "pocket" innthe middle is what you see in the picture with the mountains "sliding" betwen them.  



Hi @nathanu!

Great pics!  I am especially partial to the waterfall.  Like @REI-JohnJ , I think you've inspired me.  I usually do a 5-10 mile hike every weekend, but I may have to start a tradition of having a "hook day" from work now and again.  Seems like the perfect way to clear your mind and refocus.