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Phone Solar Chargers/Power Banks

Instead of lugging around my DSLR camera during backpacking trips I invested in a Samsung Note 20 phone for picture taking/phone/ offline navigation in one. Now I have a new problem keeping it charged!! It drains power so fast.  It only last a day maybe 2 on airplane mode. I would use a solar charger with 30000 mAhz in past but that only gives me maybe 2-3 charges after experimenting with the new phone. I need to keep it going for a whole week. I don't know how to keep it alive that long without plugging it in. Any advice?! 

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Actually we have light weight off grid power now.  Small lithium battery banks did not exist 10 or so years ago.  The fact that you can buy a 5.5oz 10000 mAh battery for $60 is actually fairly amazing.  Solar panels are very practical for vehicular travel and are now comparatively inexpensive...Its just the small ones are combined battery bank that are more a novelty than a practical solution.

While you may get a small longevity benefit from trickle charging,  fast charging isn't that big of a problem for Lithium batteries  if they a well made and designed for it.  It was a big deal for other battery chemistries so personally I think that advice is just a hold over.   It does depend on battery cell quality though which is why it is generally a better bet to buy larger battery banks from brands that have a reputation to protect.  Stock batteries in the major brand phones are generally of high quality and modern phones are set up to fast charge.   The quality of the charger and the charge cable also matters. 

What is bad for Lithium batteries is keeping them fully charged or discharged for too long or discharging them too much. If you are not actively using your battery bank you should store it between 1/3 and 1/2 charge and cycle it every 6 months or so. Charging your phone to 100% every night or using it until the battery is dead every time may not be best strategy for maximizing its battery life. 

Good to know advice. Will definitely keep in mind the idea of not over or under charging as I tend to do the over charging every night. Lots of people recommended Anker as good quality hope it does the job!