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Pack Base weight

The base weight of my pack is 20 lbs. I would like to decrease that to 10-12 lbs. How can I do that when my sleeping bag weighs 4.75#, tent weighs 2.86 #, back pack weighs 5#, sleeping pad weighs 1.15#, pillow weighs 9.10 oz, Jet boil weighs 1.7#, water filter weighs 12 oz, bear cannister weighs 2.12#? This is not including puffy, rain coat, food, and water.

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That's alot of weight to cut w/ your "Base" items so heavy.

I'll give you an comparative example of mine vs yours:

Sleeping Bag - 14.53 oz.

Tent (w/out Footprint) - 28.08 oz.

Pack (w/Liner) - 36.12 oz.

Sleeping Pad - 18.31 oz.

No Pillow (Use clothes) - 0.00 oz.

Complete Cooking system (w/ pot & spork) - 12.00 oz.

I use a "Bear Bag" inlieu of a Cannister - 6.70 oz.

Sub-Total Weight = 101.21 oz. ( 6.33 lbs. )

I have excel work sheets for working on your weights...I can try and post them in this thread(?)

- Sticks -



@gandalf92478 You could easily cut your base pack weight down to your 10-12 lbs mark looking at the items you mentioned. I’m not sure, but if the other person who replied to your question ( @Sticks ) is Stick from Sticks blog, his website would be an amazing resource for you to start your research into the world of lightweight backpacking. That website would be He’s not really posting much anymore but you can still look through the extensive information he has on there and start to explore some of the best known lightweight cottage manufacturers out there.