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Osprey Aether 70 AG - wrong buckles?


I just purchased an Osprey Aether 70 AG backpack. Fiddling around with it at home, and it looks like Osprey used mismatching buckles on the straps for the removable daypack - the "male" part is too small and won't click into the "female" part. 

Is this a known issue-- and if so, how can I get the correct buckles?

Or, am I missing something here? I don't see any other buckles where the straps could attach. 

If it helps, the "male" buckle piece on the daypack strap is on 15mm nylon webbing and appears appropriately sized for the webbing.  The "female " element on the bottom of the daypack, however, uses 20mm webbing and is appropriately sized - and it locks back onto the main pack just fine.





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@Tomchoj sorry to hear about the mismatched buckles on your Osprey - this is definitely an unusual issue and not one we see often at all. A few thoughts:

  • Because it's hard to picture the problem, would it possible to share a few photos here? That would help us diagnose what's going on/needed to resolve the issue
  • It might also be easier to stop by your local REI store (most have reopened) so they can help troubleshoot and provide new buckles or process an exchange, if needed
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Hi JenK, thanks for the suggestion! I went back to the store, and they showed me where the hidden buckles were tucked away. It was definitely user error 🙂