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Next Adventure Booked!!

Just put the final touches on my next little adventure.  This will be my first trip that Im intentionally planning with someone else, and Ill be the experienced one yup, terrifies me too.  A buddy of mine has been looking to get outdoors, so we're gonna do an overnight in the backcountry.  Hes a former Marine (Im an old Army guy) so he's got some skills and is gonna be using some of my gear pack, tent, stove, etc .  It's a short hike and a trail I'm familiar with.  Any suggestions on being the team lead in the backcountry?  Any lessons learned yall would care to share so I don't have to learn them?

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This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing your love for getting outside with your friend!

It sounds like your friend has some experience, so that's good. One thing I've found that has worked well when I've taken folks into the backcountry, is not taking anything for granted. Lots of folks who are new to activities like backpacking think about 'necessary' items like tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags but might forget hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or even a headlamp for flashlight. Also, thinking about what you will do with your friend during the down time is a good idea. I always pack a mini deck of cards because that's an activity that I grew up with, love, and is pretty easy to do if you're stuck in a tent due to inclement weather.

Lastly, I once took a friend for their first backpacking trip on a quick overnighter. They 'held it' for the whole trip and ended up awkwardly running the last half mile of the trail to get to the bathroom in time. It turns out they didn't know they were 'allowed' to poop in the woods! While it is funny to look back on now, if I had asked a few more questions and been open to talking about everything involved with backpacking, their trip would have been much more comfortable!

Have an awesome trip and be sure to come back and tell us about how it went!

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