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New Jetboil Stash Stove coming soon. Thoughts?

Hey there REI community!

I caught an Instagram live of the new JetBoil Stash stove and wanted to tap into your collective wisdom to see what you thought. I know we have a big contingent of BTS-3000T fans here and I'm consistently blown away that stove weighs less than an ounce! It looks like this new Jetboil Stash stove system is over seven times heavier...which is still pretty light considering that weight includes the pot and lid! It looks like the stove itself is 2.1 oz. The Gear Junkie did a write-up about it which was pretty interesting. Is there anyone out there considering this stove?

@Dad_Aint_Hip @SILHiker @Philreedshikes @Daxigait @OldGuyot @John @hikermor @Olaf @DwightET @Dh1983  you've all weighed in on some stove posts here in the community. Any initial impressions?


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I've glanced at a couple of reviews, but I'm totally satisfied with my Pocket Rocket II and Toaks 650 pot. It might be a good choice for some people, I personally would not be interested in it. I can understand more economical fuel usage and better stability, so it does have some good points. I think it will have a sort of specialized following.

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I've never been an ounce counter, but starting to head that way more and more - comes with age?

I was just looking at it and I think I'm going to pass. It's their lightest, but it isn't that light.

I think I'd go one of two ways:

1) Compromise weight for speed and convenience and just toss a Jetboil flash in the pack.
Seems fair for a short trip especially if not counting grams.

2) Really go for weight and go alcohol stove if practical or go with something in the snow peak litemax category.

No disrespect to Jetboil, but this seems like kind of a waste of their time to me.
I'd rather they re-did the flash and made it faster and lighter instead of branch out into a new category.


As I've studied the Stash more, it's becoming more attractive. When you consider my PR2 uses 50% more fuel, it might be a big difference on longer trips. I generally carry a 220gr canister because it's all I can buy within 50 miles, but I adjust the actual fuel depending on the trip. I'm planning a 17 day trip, and with the stash it's possible that I could get by with just one 220gr canister. If I use the PR2, then I'll have to take two 220gr canisters. The empty weight of a 220gr canister is 140-145 gr, so there I can make up the difference in weight between the stash and my setup (PR2 and TOAKS 650 light). The canister probably wouldn't fit in the stash, but I can always use the space inside for coffee bags, spices, etc. so the space isn't necessarily wasted. I'm still trying to figure out if I can get 17 days worth of food plus gear in the Exos 58. I've made 10 days before, but I'm thinking 17 is not really in reach. I've never used mail drops before, so this will be a first, and in my preliminary plans it appears the only viable Post Office is 6 miles from the trail..... Not necessarily a great thing to add 12 miles to a time schedule that might be a little tight (230 miles in 17 days). Anyway, it's worth considering the stash more because of fuel savings than anything else. I'm looking forward to actual user reviews, but let's face it, $129 isn't a horrible amount of money. Jeez I probably spend that in two weeks on rum. LOL

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.