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Nemo Tensor Insulated Pad Repair

I purchased a Nemo Tensor Insulated sleeping pad. Before I had a chance to actually use it my dogs toe nails sliced open. Will Tenacious flexible tape hold up on a sleeping pad? Any better options?

2 Replies

@mruncorn Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear about your sleeping pad! The good news is that there are some really good repair options for you out there. You can check out the options for Sleeping Pad Repair Kits here. Additionally, we encourage you to check out this Expert Advice article on How to Repair A Sleeping Pad. It is full of good information and a helpful video as well.

Hope this helps get you back on the trail!

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wow, that's bad luck!  Hope you get it patched!  If my pad failed, my trip would be over!!!

I'm too old to sleep on the ground.  A failed pad worries me just as much as a wet sleeping bag! lol

I see pictures of folks using their pads as seats around the camp and all I can think of is some small needle perforating the pad!


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