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Nemo Tempo 35 or 20

So, I'm a new to backpacking and am looking at my first "real" sleeping bag.  My ultimate goal is to through hike the AT, but that won't be for about 9 years (saving, getting affairs in order, etc.) but I'm doing smaller day hikes and short trips between now and then to get ready.  Right now, I'm doing about 10 to 15 miles per week +/- consistently and am looking for some 1 to 2 night trips.  I'm in Georgia and these will be trails I can easily drive to.  


So, with all of that put of the way, I've been looking at sleeping bags and like the Nemo Tempo.  They are iny price range and I like the spoon shape.  My question though is should I go with the Tempo 20 or Tempo 35?  I'm a cool sleeper and most of my trips shouldn't dip much below 30.  I'm really leaning toward the 20, just wanting to make sure I'm not missing something.


Thank you all for an awesome community!

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Also, I have a Gregory Paragon 58 pack, Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad and REI Passage 2 tent that I'll be using. 


@nathanu this sounds like an awesome adventure - love how far out you're scheming and dreaming! We'd likely recommend the 20 degree Nemo Tempo, to ensure you have enough warmth for the cooler nights (especially for the shoulder seasons when you may start/finish the trail) - you can always unzip the sleeping bag, or stick your feet out the bottom, or wear fewer layers if some of the nights are warm! Hope this helps!

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@nathanu Definitely go with the 20.  You will eventually run into really cold conditions and you will be thankful for a warm bag.

In fact,I would recommend biting the bullet and spending more for an even lighter bag of the same rating,something like the Riff.  A warm and cozy sleeping bag is absolutely critical gear for outdoor experiences.  You can save money on other items, but be sure you buy a good sleeping bag.  Quality bags last forever.  I bought my current bag in 1981.  It has seen a lot of use..

@hikermor Well, went with the 20.  Had been really leaning that way anyway and, I think, just need a gentle nudge to push me over the edge. Thank you all! 

take it back, get a quilt, if you don't like it, I'll buy you a beer...then take that back, the quilt, not the beer.

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see, here's the deal, you compress the down when you lay on top of it, so it cannot provide the insulation/warmth, so one could surmise you aren't getting as much value from it.

Your bottom warmth needs to come via your pad.

And...quilts are ridiculously easy to turn over in, and that alone is worth the price of admission (In a bag you almost have to fully wake so you can turn over and still insure the loft is on top, not so with a quilt)

The only thing to bear in mind, is in extremely cold weather, say below 15F, it becomes problematic to keep the quilt tucked in around the sides, but those quilts usually come with some sort of straps to keep it tucked in around the pad.

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Ok, so looked at the quilts and the sleeping bags and really saw a lot of zeal from folks on both sides of the fence.  Ultimately though, ended up with the bag and it came in yesterday.  The thing that drew me to the Nemo Temp was the 'relaxed spoon' shape.   I'm not a small guy and I'm a side sleeper but I really like that cocoon feel that I get from a bag when I'm camping. 

All of that said, it sounds like you're offering my favorite kind of beer (free 🙂 ) so, if my explanation of why I went with a bag -vs- a quilt gets me any credit, I'll definitely take you up on the beer 🙂

Happy Trails!

Wait what?  Yes - after - you’ve tried it out, not ‘talked it out’ lol

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Does the sleeping bag fit in the bag compartment on your back pack. I just bought a Gregory Zulu 55 and Nemo forte 20. The sleeping bag simply won't fit in the bottom compartment, so I tried removing the divider and putting it in vertically. It took up about half (maybe more) of my backpack. I'm thinking either the back or pack has to be exchanged.