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Multi-day backpack for skinny guy?

Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a new multi-day backpack... around 60 - 70 L. I like having plenty of shove-it pockets, compression straps, and lash points for extra gear during longer trips.

My "problem" is that my waste is about size 28... and the hip belt is too large on the men's packs that I have tried so far...

Anyone know of any packs with a smaller hip belt or have the option to swap out the belt for a smaller size?  

Best - Ethan

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Hey @SeekSplendor you might want to check out a company called SeekOutside. They manufacture great packs in Colorado. Their small hip belt fits 27-31” waists. 

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Hmmm... Maybe REI should look into inflatable hips. This product could provide cushion as well as extra fitting options for the hipless (or un-hip?). They rejected my Gut-B-Gone backpack idea last April, so I doubt they'll go for this one.

I'll have to get in touch with Ronco again.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.


Check out Osprey's backpacks, especially those that have IsoForm hipbelts - The XS goes down to 28' inches or smaller and can be changed out in the future.


I like the same types of features in my pack. Unfortunately, I have NEVER found a pack made with my preferred standards/features. So, I make changes!

I add pockets, add features, reenforce lash points, etc., etc., etc. If the "gut strap" isn't short enough, MAKE IT SHORTER (or switch it out, make a better one).

Too many people want too many things done for them, handed to them, given to them. Just get it done!

The better, more experienced, outdoor enthusiasts tend to be that way (among other personality traits). Think about it.


I have that issue, and it is a problem finding a snug fit.  I was not aware that Seek Outside had packs made for slimmer hips, so that might be your answer.  I do recommend trying on different packs at REI, since I've found some that do not claim smaller than 30" but in fact will snug-up adequately (Ospey Exos worked for me).  If you fall in love with a pack that does quit fit your hips, you can try a simple hack.  If you are good with a needle and thread, you can add a little foam to the hipbelt.  You'll need to encase the foam in fabric to keep it intact.  You might even have appropriate padding for this on packs, hydration belts, etc. that you no longer use.  Good luck! 

Women's packs tend to be narrower and may fit better...worth a try. 

For example the Gregory Maven 55  S/M  supposedly fits a torso of 16- 20 inches and a waist of 27-46 inches

and the Gregory Diva 60  M  supposedly fits a torso 18-20 and a waist of 28 - 48 inches.

The smaller torso sizes of these bags fit slightly smaller waists and on the deva the waist bands can be switched out so you can probably get a M bag with a small or extra small hipbelt.  

Have you looked at Gossamer Gear backpacks? You an purchase the hip belt to your waist size, a solution I found for my teenage son.

REI can also swap hip belts on some models, something they offered me when I was experiencing bruised hips from my pack.