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Looking for some more details on the REI Co-op Backpacking bundle.

Hello, I was thinking of buying the backpacking bundle for my son.  I was wondering if the sleeping bag has 2 zipper side options? If so, can I buy another sleeping bag individually that will zip up with the one that I purchase with the bundle?


2 Replies

@msr Thanks for reaching out!

The sleeping bag in the REI Co-op Backpacking Bundle only comes in one zipper option, which appears to be a left zipper (always as the user is in the sleeping bag, laying on their back) for both the long and short versions of the bundle. If you are looking for a sleeping bag that will zip together with the REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 sleeping bag that comes with the bundle, you will want to purchase a sleeping bag with a right zipper so that the zippers line up on the correct sides of the sleeping bags.

Unfortunately, we are currently out of the models of the non-bundle REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 sleeping bags at this time, but they do come in left and right zipper options in both the regular and long size. We are hoping to get more around the end of February of next year. As a reference, any REI sleeping bag should be able to zip together with any other REI sleeping bag as long as the zippers are on the correct side.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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thank you!  that really helps!