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Looking for recommendations of replacement backpack straps and belt for 1978 frame pack.

I have a lovely internal frame pack, but I'm lending it to a friend and want to use my 1979 REI frame pack for a weekend trip. Of course, the padding of the shoulder straps and belt are hard as rocks. Can anyone recommend specific or generic replacement straps and belt for this type of pack? Thanks! backpack1.JPGbackpack3.JPG

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Thanks for reaching out!

What an awesome pack! We're sorry to hear that the shoulder straps and hipbelt are no longer serviceable for you. Unfortunately, REI only carries replacement shoulder straps for internal frame backpacks, which will not work in this case. We did find a blog article about updating the straps on a Kelty External frame pack, however, it does not look like Kelty has the recommended part in stock any longer. You may be able to track one down on a reselling site like eBay.

We are going to move this post over to the backpacking board to see if anyone else in the community at large has any ideas or advice.

Hopefully this helps!

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Yeah I had a very similar pack bracket and it to died RIP.

Yeah I had a very similar pack (and it to died RIP)

Looks like a new Pack may be in your future.

but they are sooooooo much better, Unless you’re going for a deliberately Retro look, which is fine too

good luck

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If the fabric is still good, check with your local clothing alteration service... they may be able to replace the padding, or alter another harness to fit.

Also, I believe Kelty still makes a similar pack... Nothing wrong with calling and asking if they have something available.

(And, call your favorite high-end outdoor clothing manufacturer for advice... they're all about fixing stuff!)