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Looking for recommendations for a quick overnight in the Catskills...


My wife and I are looking to drop the kids off at the grandparents and go for an overnight in the Catskills.  Any have any recommendations/cool spots/etc?  We'd like to be able to put in some mileage (our kids are young, and we usually take them with us camping, but this is a belated anniversary thing) so the more the better - maybe 10-15 miles day 1 with 5-10 day 2.  



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If you haven't climbed Mt. Wittenberg, it's definitely worth the trip for the view.  You could add Cornell and Slide or any of the connecting trails for the Long Path.  Phoenicia is a great little town for a prehike breakfast or post hike celebration and for anything you forgot to bring along!  


I've got a few quick recommendations for you:

  • Echo Lake Shelter
  • Balsam Lake Mtn Shelter
  • Slide-Cornell-Wittenberg Mountain Loop

These are all staff picks from an REI close to the Catskills.  Also, if you want to get your "challenging trail time" in while the kids are away, you may want to do a chunk of the Devil's Path.  Another staff favorite.

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

Awesome - thanks Frank.  I think we're going to do Echo Lake with some Devils Path attached to it.