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Looking for Partner: Long-Hauler in Emigrant Wilderness

Ex-Wilderness Ranger with tons of Sierra experience, recovering from Long-haul COVID, plans another long trip in the Sierra's largest chunk of wilderness, the North Boundary Country of Yosemite. 12 days in Emigrant Wilderness looping within shouting distance of the Park boundary.

2 days pack on, day off. Repeat. Repeat. Add extra off-day as needed. Two easy days out, last day with time to get shower, fresh and cooked food at Pinecrest Lake.

Pack on days 5-8ish miles. Not much elevation change. Warm lakes for swimming. Slightly off the beaten path for most of the journey. 1 pack day off official trail (common xc route). Most of the country I have walked before.

I'm older (I'll be 62), slower and I wake up slowly. Late morning starts gives time to enjoy where you are. I play ukulele. Prefer to cook separately, but happy to share. Particular eater.

I've climbed over 400 mountains, but nothing really on the hitlist here. (Off chance at Granite Dome). Advanced First Aid. Generally genial. Well travelled and well read.

This would be a trip of recovery for me. I spent 22 days straight in this region two summers ago. I did a 20-day trip in the southern Sierra last year after contracting covid-19 in March. It was very hard for me but I made it. I think this year will be a little easier for me but I don't want to push it too hard. I'm hoping my companion(s) would understand my desire to be relaxed at all times.

My intention is for no one to bust an aorta. We can bust out laughing though.

Late July or early August, with a start date around 8/5 most preferred. Chance of smoke any year in the Sierra.

Lake names: Powell, Toejam, Leopold, Deer, Woods, Cow Meadow, Letora, Huckleberry, Big, Pingree, Rosasco, Lily Pad, Camp, probably more! Always camp near water, only one night away from a lake.


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Hi @Former community member - Thanks for reaching out! 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It sounds like you have had some impressive times out in the wilderness. We hope some fellow community members will weigh in with interest or suggestions on finding backcountry partners, but also want to suggest as a great place to find partners for backpacking trips. 

@LoTo@ckilpatrick@ajordan@SkiHikeExplore@calebgcarter25@ryanjl10@Rerun - Do any of you plan on being in Yosemite backpacking this summer or know of anyone looking for a partner? 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

8 days in the Cathedral Range for early September.