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Re: Looking for advice for sleep apnea and backpacking.

Dear Friends;

I've been a member since 1975. I've been extremely athletic most of my years, but I nevertheless developed sleep apnea. Backpacking trips have frankly become quite miserable at night; living hell is not an overstatement. A doctor prescribed xanax to try and minimize anxiety so I can attempt to sleep through the night, to no avail so far. I do use a cpap machine diligently while in civilization. I am wondering if anyone has experimented with hammocks. If so, what are the results? Are there other sleep positioning aids that might allow a more elevated chest while sleeping? I was wondering if there is a blow-up wedge or something from another venue that might be adapted to backpacking. I would appreciate a rigorous discussion. With every good wish to you all....

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Homemade wanderlust (aka Dixie)  discussed CPAP machines here if you have been prescribed one of those...there are some battery operated one that are lightish.

She said there was a discussion on her Homemade Wanderlust facebook

@Tron Thanks for reaching out!

While the conversation was around a different sleep issue, we recommend checking out the conversation, GERD prevention while camping?. There are some helpful links to lightweight, 'wedge' style pillows that you may find interesting.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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