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Looking for a recommendation of a tent for high winds.

Can someone recommend a few tents for camping in high winds.  The sustainable winds will be around 35-40 on average.  



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@Hiker_up Thanks for reaching out!

First off: We went ahead and merged your two questions, as they are the same and we can get one thread going with employees and users alike! This is a great question and we're excited to see how the conversation develops. Also, it might be helpful if we had a bit more information: are you looking for a 4-season mountaineering tent? a lightweight backpacking tent? Where, generally, are you using the tent? Open desert? In the alpine above treeline? More information can help us narrow down your choices a bit.

Personally, I have used the REI Co-op Arete ASL 2 tent on quite a few trips where I have needed protection from the elements (torrential rain, snow, and/or wind) and it has performed admirably in those conditions. What I really appreciate about this tent is the 4 season protection for the weight of a robust three person tent (5 lbs 10 oz minimum trail weight). Also, the first review of the Arete specifically calls out its performance in 30+ mph winds so that is worth reading.

All of that said, in inclement weather, your tent is only as solid as your skills in staking it out and using guylines, particularly in windy conditions. We encourage you to take a look at the Expert Advice article, How to Set Up a Tent, which has a great tips and information around pitching your tent in different conditions.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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John J's reply is beautifully comprehensive.  I would just add that proper site selection is extremely important, even critical/

My fave wind resistant tent is a North Face VE25.  Experienced a nigh of 80 mph winds on Denali and 50-60 mph on the Channel Islands.  In all cases, they were properly sheltered.

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I purchased the Nemo Hornet 2p this year and while I was camping on the edge of the Au Sable river in Michigan two weeks ago, a wind storm with consistent 40mph winds hit us on day 2.  The wind pulled so hard on the side wall it nearly lay the spine flat to the ground at points.  I thought for sure that was the end of it, but the poles held extremely well and fully staked with even tension drawn, the tent did not budge.  I was very impressed.  I inspected the poles when taking the tent apart and there are no visible signs of stress fissures on segments or connections.  

Highly recommend!