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Looking for a backpacking thermometer

Would love to be able to record actual temps when camping, specifically overnight.  Would lovr to find something that would record temps every n minutes that perhaps syncs with my phone so that I can save it.  Anyone else doing this?  Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.?

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Ok, a quick follow-up on this.

I originally bought the Brunton and Govee devices.  I sent the Govee back because it didn't seem like something that would hold up well on the trail.  I liked the price, but it really looked like something that would have died on the first couple of trips with me. 

I took the Brunton on my recent Gahuti trip and really wanted to like it.  That said, I'm afraid it's going back too for the following reasons:

1) The date / time keeps resetting.   The battery is good, so I'm not sure what's going on there, but it kept resetting to January 2003.  It's easy enough to set back, but I don't think it should be doing that 🙂

2) It does a LOT.  That was a positive before I took it on trail, but I really only cared about temperature and possibly heat index.  The wind speed was nice but not really relevant (for me, at least) and the altimeter was nice but I already have one on my phone and Garmin InReach mini. 

3) It requires IR to download the data.  I knew this up front but wanted to tinker with it anyway.  I don't have anything with an IR transceiver.  I can get one cheap and, if this was the bees knees of gadgets, would definitely get one, but it's ultimately going into the con column.

4) The temp, while hiking, didn't seem accurate.  It's worth noting that I had some difficulties finding a good place to put it but it seemed to warmed significantly by my body temp.  This may be knit picking at this point but, while hiking, it was about 10F+/- off.  I hung it from my tarp ridgeline overnight and it was cool to see the temps that morning but, on the trail, not so much.


I'm going to give the Kestrel Drop D2 (so that I get heat index) a shot.  Looking at the website, it seems to be a more rugged version of the Govee *and* it's made in the US.

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Just realized the Destrel Drop D2 only goes down to 14F, which won't really work.  I don't plan to be that cold with regularity, but will definitely be there sometime and that's the specific data that I'd be interested to capture.  Looking like I may fail back to the Govee thing and just get them 2 at a time (for when I destroy the primary, just deploy the secondary and place another order).

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

@nathanuthe Kestrel D1 and D2 range is -18C/0F to 60C/140F according to their website. 

Most electronic things I've seen don't claim to go below -20C.   The Brunton Pro was the only one which claims -25C.  However it gets lots of poor reviews for reliability which is fairly sad for a $150 device. 

My guess is that for most of the cheap devices -20C that is a best case statements where the Kestrel range is probably actually realistic statement of where it it still accurate since it is intended for professional applications where that actually matters.  I would hope so anyway.

Not sure why you think the Govee  is not robust enough.  You just keep it in your pack it some pocket that is not in direct sun all the time.  I wouldn't trust it in a salty environment without attempting to waterproof it but for inland use unless you submerse it it should handle moisture as well as any other non waterproofed electronics.   I haven't tried it outside yet so I may just be over optimistic.


hey @nathanu if you have a garmin gps or watch the tempe sensor isn't a bad option. The operating temp ranges from -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60C). I've check it with my outdoor weather station and there weren't any major discrepancies from 10 to 60F. Sadly, right now the inReach Mini isn't compatible with the sensor despite being an ANT+ sensor.