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Let's Have Your "Lessons Learned...The Hard Way", (Don't Be Shy!)

- Learn how to read a map/navigate

- Keep sharp things away from your air mattress 😞

- Take enough time to acclimatize to high altitude!!!!

- Check the expiration dates on those Hand-warmer packets!

- Don't let your breakfast water freeze.

- Don't pitch your tent in that nice looking low spot.

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  • remember to unbuckle all of your pack straps when crossing a river, that way it's easier to get up if you fall in.


  • Try not to step on wet logs, or rocks for that matter...assume they're slippery....and watch out for wet leaves hiding rocks, logs, mud, slippery areas.


  • while I'm at it, please don't try to hop across a creek with ice on the rocks.  All it takes is one slippery rock to put you on your backside in freezing water, not fun.
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Before pitching your tent, when your campsite has a good fire-ring, take a look at which way the wind is blowing and put your tent up-wind and at a pretty good distance from where the fire's going to be.  Tent's don't do well with blowing embers.

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