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Re: Jetboil vs MSR PocketRocket?

So I am a fan of ultra-light and compact backpacking for multiday excursions. I have used the MSR PocketRocket for a pretty long time now. It used to fit inside some lightweight aluminum pots I had, then I switch to the Sea to Summit X-pot and kettle which the cups and bowls nest inside of.

I've always wondered about the Jetboil systems, but they are HUGE in comparison to the gear I normally carry. I know they are super fast and more efficient with fuel, but is the extra space really worth it for a few minutes of cook time and a few grams of fuel? The equipment I have already worked incredibly fast as it is, I'm not even sure I would want it to cook or boil any faster.

I do want to try the system, but I really feel I would never carry it anywhere. Just looking for some insight and personal options/experiences with the Jetboil systems.

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@SILHikerObviously designs vary but the igniter adds ~0.3oz (8.5g) and $5 retail to my Soto Amicus stove vs the version that doesn't have it.  Even for a gram weeny that's in the weeds.   A mini BIC weighs more.  I just don't see an excuse for not putting one on the Stash for the price point.  The Amicus illustrates that there is no excuse for either charging a lot more or for adding lots of weight and given that, the convenience and insurance in case you forget your lighter far outweighs the arguments for not having it.  They just need to design it to be easily replaceable since it is a service item.  However unlike, say, seals on white gas stoves it does not prevent the stove from working provided you carry a back fire starting method, which you should. 

Yeah, that ain't much difference either way. I wonder what kind of weight difference they could get by switching out that aluminum pot for Ti? 

Overall, it's caught my interest in spite of the weight difference, mainly because of the fuel usage difference. Like I've said, I'm happy with my setup, and it works for me. Until this came up, the only thing I had thought about was getting an inverted canister stove for my dead of winter hikes, which around here is probably between 0-30 F. 

How many stoves/pots will my wife allow before throwing me out?

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@SILHiker Wrote, “How many stoves/pots will my wife allow before throwing me out?”

Answer: at least one more!

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

@TerryM this is absolutely great information! Thank you for taking the time to share with us! 🙂


Just to let you know, this inspired me to buy a jetboil flash, haha! I'm so excited for it to arrive and try it out. Thank again for sharing your experience with everyone! 🙂

  • I have a Minimo and a PR II with a toaks 650 cup. The PR combo is half the weight.  If i am hiking with my wife we carry the Jetboil for the bigger pot. If I'm solo, i carry the PR. 

I don't have a pocket rocket, but I do have  jetboil mightymo stove. I LOVE it because I like to COOK, and not just rehydrate. This is not a jetboil "system" but just the stove. I use different pots with it depending on if I am backpacking, or on my harley traveling. I have had this thing for years, and it is the only stove y harley won't shake the guts out of. I have now pulled the trigger on the jetboil stash, waiting for it to get here in the mail. 


If your looking to save weight the rocket otherwise the boil. I pack a boil and it's awesome. A little heavy for some. I love my jetboil tho. 


I have never used the jetboil but I am a big fan of the pocket rocket. With the right pot. I use an Optimus HE Terra set and it nests with a 110 isopro in the set. It boils 2c water in 50 seconds using the pot with the heat exchanger. Its a learning curve to do anything but afterburner boiling, but possible.