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How to Stop Hip Straps from Loosening on Backpacks

I have a Traverse 85.  The hip straps slowly loosen, just enough for them to start slipping down over my hips.  Any suggestions to fix?  Currently I'm pulling them tighter every 5-10 minutes.

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The osprey exos did that until the redesign made the straps wider,

can you post a photo of it please?

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If the pack is new or less than a year old and you bought it at REI take it back. It's an REI pack so probably you did.  In any case if you can, I'd take it in to an REI store and or call REI customer support and see what they can do.

If not, REI sell replacement hipbelts for the Traverse 85 so that might work if the available belts fit your model year. Ask REI customer support.

Otherwise, you could try thoroughly cleaning the straps an buckles which will remove the dirt and oils and may help.

Depending how the strap adjustments work you may be able to double back or tie the ends locking the adjustment. However, that will make the straps harder to adjust.

If the problem is caused by part of the strap being worn out, it might work to offset the buckle so the adjusters work on an undamaged part of the webbing.

Similarly, it might work to shorten the existing straps to their minimum and use a belt extension as the adjustment. Unfortunately there are many slightly different buckles so unless REI stock an extension for your pack's belt the buckles may be difficult to match. I could not find one with a cursory search.