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How to connect Sawyer Squeeze to CNOC water bags and carbon filter?

I want to use a Sawyer Squeeze water filter, for hiking in the snow with a tent and backpack.

I want to connect that water filter to a 2 liter CNOC Vecto water bag with 28 mm mouth, for dirty water.

I want to connect a second CNOC water bag to that Sawyer Squeeze for filtered water.

I want to connect a carbon filter between that Sawyer Squeeze and the CNOC clean water bag. I want to connect that carbon filter on both sides with pieces of food-grade silicone water hose.

That carbon filter is the "Katadyn Active Carbon Bottle Adapter".

Which connection accessories exactly do I need, to assemble a watertight filter installation like that?

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@PeterP Thanks for reaching out!

We have quite a few folks here in the community with experience using CNOC bags with Sawyer filters. We'll tag a few of them to see if they have any insight for you:

@OldGuyot @nathanu @Philreedshikes @SurvivalGal @djw @SILHiker 

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Thanks for your helpful mediation. I found many satisfied user reviews about the Sawyer Squeeze water filter on the internet. But many users have serious criticism of the Sawyer Squeeze's water bag supplied.

Therefore it might be a consideration for REI to advise and sell the CNOC waterbags instead? I have no commercial interest in the CNOC company.


@PeterPexcellent choice on the Cnock + Sawyer combo.  My setup is not quite as advanced as yours, but I'm happy to share what I have.

I typically carry 2 1L SmartWater bottles, my CNOCK dirty bag and my Sawyer Squeeze filter.  I typically stop at water sources to fill up my SmartWater bottles and, if there's any extra in the CNOCK, just drink it out of the Sawyer squeeze.  If I know that I've got a long stretch between water sources or if I'm heading to camp, I may use the CNOCK to carry an extra 2L of water with me.

I connect the CNOCK to the dirty side of the Sawyer Squeeze and then connect the clean side of the Sawyer Squeeze with a coupling that I got on Amazon (link below).  I know that it's not exactly what you're looking for but hope that it helps.

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Thanks, I consider buying two CNOC bags. Then I have one as a spare dirty water bag in my backpack, in case the other will tear.

I consider buying the three liter CNOC water bags, since they are about the same price and weight as the two liter version.

Does the blue coupler that you mentioned fit the CNOC water bag?

I will also carry the Sawyer syringe, because backflushing the Sawyer Squeeze should be done with full force, according to the Sawyer manual. And the syringe is probably more sturdy than the CNOC.

I found a number of videos about the CNOC water bags on the internet.


I believe that the blue coupler would fit my CNOCK, but I connect the Sawyer filter and then use the coupler to connect the Sawyer to my clean water bottle.

I concur with the syringe.  I typically just 'blow' back through my Sawyer after filtering but I use the syringe when I get home.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

I only use the 2L CONC as a dirty water bag and use SMART or LIFE disposable bottles as water containers.  The blue coupler allows you to use these bottle to do a field backflush.   You can also backflush using a bottle with a sport cap. 

I generally take 2* 1L bottles and a 0.5L SMART bottle with at least one sport cap.  I could re-purpose one of the 1L bottles as a dirty water bottle if the CNOC failed and could not be repaired.  However I use it in a "gravity" mode making it unlikely to fail.   If you have the Sawyer bags taking, one or two of them along as backup storage might make sense if you think you might want to dry camp one night and need extra water capacity...or you are going to a place where water sources are less reliable.  Evernew flat bottles are probably better for this and they have the right thread for a Sawyer (unlike the Platypus bottles)  but they are not "included for free".

I would not take the syringe except maybe on an extended trip or possibly put it in a bounce box for a through hike.  I believe they are commonly found in hiker boxes.

@PeterP  Was just considering this myself.

Unfortunately REI does not stock the parts you need or at least I can't find them.  You need these two parts and a suitable length of tubing....

Sawyer Products SP110 Inline Hydration Pack Adapter for Screw On can get it

Sawyer Products SP150 Coupling for Water Filtration Cleaning

You may have the coupler from your original kit.  The two part "adapter" kit is also included in the current Squeeze "gravity" kit that REI does sell...but it seems that kit doesn't include the coupler.

Basically the dirty CNOC bag screws into the dirty end of the Squeeze need the included washer to  create a seal.   It is a stand garden hose size.  I use Camco Filter washers to keep large particles out.

Attach the Coupler to the clean end of the Squeeze... the Grey barb screws into the washer here as you need an air gap to so you don't get an air lock and prevent the flow.  The tube connects the grey barb to your carbon filter entry and another tube connects your carbon filter exit to the blue barb which you connect to your clean CNOC bladder.  This should have a washer but it is not necessary to function

You mention using silicon tubing but actually I recommend PVC at least for the bottom section as it will rotate on the barb and make it easier to attach the bladder.

I use the grey and blue barb plus tube between the dirty CNOC and dirty end of the filter to gravity feed.    You would need another set for you setup.


Thinking more...depending on the rate of flow of the carbon filter,  the arrangement above may not work.  It is possible you will need to seal for the grey barb... Inverting the sequence and using the blue barb and washer on the clean end of the filter and the grey barb and coupler on the clean bottle or clean CNOC bag might work better...technically you only need an air gap for a solid bottle;  a bladder will have no air and will expand as it fills with water.

Actually on reading it seems the Sawyer "gravity" kit I linked does now come with the cleaning coupler and is also on sale right now (Memorial day sale 2020)